Pet-friendly car rentals

Pet-friendly car rentals

Are pets allowed in SIXT vehicles?

Yes, pets are allowed in rental cars. Customers must return their rental cars in clean condition and free of pet hair to avoid cleaning and detailing fees.

We have a wide range of models including wider minivans and SUVs that would be perfect for your travels with your furry friends. As part of our efforts to make car rentals as comfortable as possible with your pet, we offer flexible daily, weekly, monthly and long-term leasing agreements. Rent a pet-friendly car and go on exciting journeys with your furry friend for as long as you like to wherever you like.


Tips for driving with your pet in a rental car

Renting a pet-friendly car can be an ideal solution for a longer journey to a pet-friendly destination, particularly if you’re trying to avoid the hassle of setting up a pet sitter while traveling. However, there are some things to keep in mind when driving with your pet in a rental car. Here are some tips to make journeys safer and more comfortable for your human or animal passengers.

  • Blankets: If your pet sheds a lot, consider bringing a blanket to clean the interior of the car more easily. Blankets are also good to protect the upholstery from damage and to keep your pet comfortable on the ride.
  • Toys: Just like humans, animals also want to feel at home while they're on the road. You may want to consider bringing some of their favorite toys or other items that will help them relax and enjoy the journey.
  • Safety: It is important not to let your pets wander around freely in the car as this might lead to injuries or accidents if they find their way to the driver's lap or near the pedals. Please keep your pet in a restrained or suitable carrier.
  • Parking: Never leave your pet in a parked car. Cars can heat up incredibly fast during the day, causing your dog to get heat stroke. Cold weather can be life-threatening.

Breaks: If you are traveling with a dog, be sure to take breaks, preferably where your dog can run freely and spend time outside of the car.