You can get the most ideal response to your short-term and monthly car rental requests with our company's attractive opportunities. We can provide all your personal and corporate car rental needs from 1 month to 12 months in accordance with the rental period you choose. This method offers a more cost-effective alternative to the situation where you rent a car for 20 days or more. You can choose from our wide range of vehicles, from economy vehicles to all kinds of segment SUVs, from Cross-Over models to Hybrid vehicles, from Premium vehicles to luxury models.

How long does the monthly car rental cover?
In the monthly car rental service, you can rent a car between 1 month and 12 months.

What types of vehicles are in the vehicle fleet?
There are many options in the SIXT vehicle fleet, such as Premium models such as Mercedes-Benz, family cars, models that you can use as executive vehicles, and cars suitable for off-road conditions.

What are the advantages of monthly car rental?
For car rental periods of 20 days or more, monthly car rental is more affordable. In addition, this service, which stands out in the field of corporate car rental, also offers solutions to the periodic transportation needs of companies.

What is the customer service phone number?
SIXT customer service phone number: 0850 222 2 000

You can fill out our form below to rent a monthly car.