Kayseri Rent A Car

Kayseri Rent A Car

SIXT Kayseri Rent a Car

By renting a car from our SIXT Kayseri rent a car office, you can travel in Central Anatolia and conduct business in one of the most important industrial cities of Turkey. Our Kayseri rent a car office is in the Domestic Arrival Hall at Kayseri Airport. Our cars are ready for our customers in the car park of the airport. As soon as you get off the plane, you can pick up the car you make a reservation for and start your travel. After a short rental agreement signing procedure in our office, you can have the car you choose for the duration of your reservation. All the cars in our fleet meet the highest hygiene standards so you can easily find a car that meets both your safety and travel requirements. You can choose from a wide range of cars; from SUVs to executive cars, from Premium models to sedans; with petrol or diesel engine, manual or automatic transmission options, and you can have a comfortable and safe rent a car experience. Our SIXT rent a car office at Kayseri Airport is around 13 minutes by car to the city center and is very convenient for people who choose to arrive in the city by plane. You can also come from the city centre to our office easily to pick up the car you have made reservation for. Car rental prices in Kayseri varies depending on the brand, reservation dates of the car and the extra options selected. Early reservation allows economic rental car advantages! 

Address : Kayseri Airport Domestic Terminal Arriving Passenger
E-Mail :
Phone : 0850 222 2 000
Weekdays : 07:00 - 23:30 Weekend : 07:00 - 23:30

SIXT Rent a Car Guide

You can make your reservation easily on our website to rent a car from our SIXT Kayseri Airport office. You can enter in your reservation request or learn the details of our other offices on the locations page. You can see the list of cars available for the dates you enter for your reservation. Or alternatively, you can first check the vehicles page to review cars and after selecting the vehicle model you like, you can enter city and date information. You can choose to rent for one or more days, for a week or for longer periods from our SIXT Kayseri office and have the car for the dates you have selected in your reservation. You can call our 24/7 call center by dialing 0850 2222 000 to have information about our car rental services and make a rental reservation. You can use long-term rent a car option to meet your corporate transportation needs and you can rent a fleet or just a few cars for a period ranging from 12 to 47 months. Simply send an e-mail to kurumsal@sixt.com.tr to contact us.In addition to our rent a car services in our SIXT Kayseri office, you can follow the same steps as you do for our other offices to make a reservation. 

How is Traffic in Kayseri? 

Customers who will leave the city or go to another region with their rental cars must have HGS tags to drive on highways. The traffic in Kayseri is generally light and parking on roads is managed by private companies. So, a parking fee needs to be paid whenever parked in these areas. Otherwise, parking fee and fine is issued to the vehicle's license. The traffic is light in Kayseri unlike big cosmopolitan cities, so driving in the city is easy and comfortable. You can reach to your destination within the city in the shortest time possible. For example, the distance between the airport and Kayseri city centre is 6.7 km and you can drive this distance in around 10 minutes. Kayseri, one of the most important cities in Central Anatolia, stands out as an industrial city. Being in the central position, the city is close to many cities including Kahramanmaraş, Sivas, Kırıkkale. In addition to the above, you can select your route, avoid potential heavy traffic and plan your travel easily with an updated GPS device. You can select the navigation device from extra options when you are making your reservation and start a comfortable journey. 

What to See in Kayseri

Located at the foothill of Mount Erciyes, Kayseri has a very rich cultural heritage being home to many civilizations. The city is known for its caravanserais, madrasahs, mosques and museums as well as its beautiful nature. Mount Erciyes, which is home to caves where Byzantium priests lived in seclusion, has a majestic presence with its height of almost 4,000 meters. Erciyes Ski Resort that is 25 km to the city center is a very popular place for tourists and locals offering many alternatives from skiing, snowboarding to ice skating and sleighing. Erciyes Ski Resort is visited by many local and foreign tourists for skiing every year and it is also possible to use the lifts to enjoy the view from the top. Kayseri Castle in Cumhuriyet Square is a very important building dated back to the Roman Empire. One of the symbols of the city, the castle has a deep historical heritage. Kurşunlu Mosque, built by famous Sinan, the Architect in his hometown, is one of the important heritages in the city. You can visit Kayseri Archeology Museum to see works that shed light to history. Soğanlı Ruins which is approximately 80 km to the city centre is home to many caves and churches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your SIXT Kayseri office?

Our office is located at Kayseri Airport.

Our Kayseri rent a car office is in the Domestic Arrival Hall.

What should I do if there is any change in the drop off date & time?

If you are going to drop off the car you rent on a different date or time than you have mentioned in your agreement, please contact our staff.

You can ask our office staff for more information regarding this.

How are rent a car prices?

Rent a car prices depend on the car make and model, reservation dates and extra options.

SIXT offers affordable rental prices and you can also enjoy further discounts if you make your reservation early.

What type of cars do you have in your fleet?

We have dozens of different types of vehicles including sedans for families, executive cars, sports cars, SUVs, Premium models.

I have other questions about SIXT.

Please click here to contact us.