The SIXT+ car subscription, the first in Turkey in the car rental sector, combines the advantageous features of short-term sectoral and operational leasing methods. If you want to have the opportunity to drive any vehicle for as long as you want, act now to try SIXT+! And there's no commitment or early cancellation penalty. Eco-friendly electric vehicles, compact models, and spacious and luxurious SUVs are waiting for you in vehicle fleet. Find the car you need right now and enjoy driving it for as long as you want!

What is SIXT+?

SIXT+ subscription offers a great solution to the ever-changing mobility problem of the modern world. It is possible to experience the vehicles and additional packages you need or want to drive for as long as you want on a monthly membership basis. In this subscription package, you can choose a variety of cars, from the latest compact vehicles to spacious and luxurious SUV models. Moreover, if you want to cancel, you can unsubscribe without paying any penalties, early cancellation fees, or similar fees, and you can rent the same or a similar vehicle again at any time. No commitments, no penalties! Find solutions to your changing car needs with the SIXT+ car rental subscription with just a few clicks!


SIXT+ Subscription Benefits

When you subscribe to SIXT+ car rental, many benefits will be waiting for you. And these include:

  • Convenience of using an electric vehicle
  • Vehicle maintenance and inspection exemption
  • Exemption from legal obligations
  • Flexible car rental options
  • Freedom to drive a variety of vehicles from different segments for the desired period
  • No obligation to commitment
  • Exemption from early cancellation fee or penalty

In other words, thanks to the SIXT+ subscription, you can rent a vehicle you are curious about without any commitment and enjoy the comfort of driving without buying a car. All you must do is choose the vehicle model you want or need. You can customize your subscription with any additional packages and coverage options. The SIXT+ subscription system, one of the most popular examples of pay-as-you-go services, offers flexibility and freedom in the car rental process. If you want to enjoy driving without thinking about any expenses except fuel, you can fill out the form below and get a quote. Subscribe to your dream car with SIXT+!