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Trabzon Rent a Car

SIXT Trabzon Car Rental

As Sixt rent a car we serve you also in Trabzon which has the most fertile soils of the Black Sea region. We are offering our car rentalservices that you can use at many points of the country owing to our rental points all across Turkey also in Trabzon. Trabzon is among the cities which people wishing to have a tour around the Black Sea region certainly drop by due to its natural beauty, views and history. You may travel with a car of any brand and model in our car fleet, and you may add a lot more fun to your Trabzon visit with the help of our office representatives who may give you comprehensive information about the region. As one of the first companies that one will recall when Trabzon airport car rental is concerned, our office is located across the airport. The distance between the city center and the airport is 9.2 and 11.2 km depending on the direction you will take. You may take a taxi or use the public transportation and come to the airport from the city center and pick up the car you booked from our office. Trabzon, adjacent to other important provinces of the Black Sea region such as Rize and Giresun lies within a distance of 220 km from Artvin located in the eastern Black Sea region. Using our short-term, seasonal and long-term car rental services, you can also enjoy our products intended for individuals and corporations. You may learn about car rental pricesduring the booking procedure and may be informed on additional opportunities.


SIXT Rent a Car Guide

Sixt rent a car services cover wide range of products targeting both corporations and individuals. While the monthly and seasonal car rental are for the general population long-term car rental is offered as a corporate service. You can create your own itinerary by benefitting from individual car rental services. You may go for the one best suited to your needs from among options we offer. The booking required for car rental can be handled in easy and quick steps. You may receive a quotations by proceeding with online transactions via our website and easily book your car. For corporate car rental solutions, you may contact us and create a request by sending an e-mail to Your booking is rapidly transferred to our office, and the most ideal car(s) in the car group of your choice is (are) prepared. Our office, lying within a distance of 200 meters to Trabzon airport, helps you set out on a journey with the car of your choice the moment you step in the city. It takes 20 minutes to drive by private car from city center to the airport. If you are to reach our office from Trabzon, you may quickly access by using options such as public transportation or taxi. You can also take the advantage of superior services of Sixt to go for local tastes and set out on a journey for business and cultural tourism in Trabzon which is a wonder of nature with its mountains, highlands, historical structures and views.

Address : Konaklar - State Road Opposite of Trabzon International Airport - with welcome Pageboard
E-Mail :
Phone : 0850 222 2 000
Weekdays : 06:00 - 20:00 Weekend : 06:00 - 23:00

Vehicle Density in Trabzon

Trabzon is one of the provinces where cars can be driven quite freely without much traffic in comparison to other metropolises. Drivers do not find themselves in troubled situations a lot thanks to easy and free network of transport during trips in Trabzon. Trabzon, located in the Eastern Black Sea Region, lies within a distance of 72 km from Rize, 183 km from Ordu, 199 km from Batumi, Georgia. It is possible to drive from Trabzon airport to the inner city easily and comfortably. For instance, the distance between the airport and Akcaabat is 20 km, and the ride between these two points normally lasts for 20 minutes. After leaving the airport by a car, it takes 1 hour on average to drive to Sumela Monastery, one of the most iconic structures of the city. In Trabzon where vehicle density is not so high under normal conditions, you can travel on all of your routes within the scheduled period of time thanks to smooth and easy transportation. Sixt rent a car services may please you with vehicles suited for outdoors which you may choose when you travel to mountainous terrains and highlands.

Places to Travel in Trabzon

The list of places worth seeing in Trabzon which played an important role in history for thousands of years due to its green nature, well-known local tastes and fresh air is endless. Zigana Mountain Range, lying within a distance of 58.5 km from the airport, is at the top of the natural beauty sightseeing list owing to its natural beauty. Zigana Peak, after which the mountains in the region are named, has the elevation of 2511 meters. It is possible to see the structure dating back to several cultures in the city that was home to several different eras. Sumela Monastery has a unique place in Trabzon which is an important link of the cultural tourism, from mosques and churches, and from inns to bazaars. You may reach Sumela Monastery, located in Macka district of Trabzon, with a 60 minutes' drive on average from the airport. The monastery, also referred to as "Meryem Ana" by the locals, is located at an elevated place, 300 meters above the valley surrounding it. Another place worth seeing is Atatürk Mansion, located in Soguksu neighborhood. Located within 20 minutes' drive from the airport, the mansion is easily accessible from our office as soon as you pick up your car. Trabzon Museum where you can find a vast amount of information on the history of Trabzon, the Castle of Trabzon used to safeguard the city in the past, and the unparalleled nature of Trabzon in Uzungol, an amazing highland village, are among things you can see.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your Trabzon office?

Sixt rent a car Trabzon office is across the airport.

How may I come to your Trabzon office?

Our Trabzon branch is across the airport, lying within a distance of 200 meters from it. You may come to our office by taxi or public transportation.

How will I pick up the vehicle I booked?

You may drop by our office and pick up the car with booking details sent to you via SMS or e-mail.

What kind of cars do you have in your car fleet?