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Adana Rent A Car

SIXT Adana Rent a Car

There are two SIXT rent a car offices in two different locations in Adana. Our rent a car office is in the arrival hall at Adana Airport. Vehicles of this office are parked in the car park across the airport and kept always ready and available for customers. You can start your journey as soon as you take your first steps in the city by renting a car from our SIXT Adana Airport office. Our expert staff in the office will give you any information you want to know about the city. Right after you sign your car rental agreement which will take a short time, you can pick up your car. The other SIXT rent a car office in Adana is right at the city center which is easily accessible. Right after you sign your car rental agreement which will take short time, you can pick up your car from our office in Seyhan district of Adana and start your travel in city or out of city. Our fleet in this office have a wide range of vehicles; from premium cars to SUVs, from executive models to sedans, suitable for families. It will take a few moments to make your reservation for the car that suits your travel and needs. Our cars meet the high hygiene standards which assure you that you will have a safe and hygienic rent a car experience. 

Address : Adana Airport Domestic Terminal Arriving Passenger
E-Mail :
Phone : 0850 222 2 000
Weekdays : 07:00 - 23:00 Weekend : 07:00 - 23:00

SIXT Rent a Car Guide

Car rental services in SIXT are developed to achieve high customer satisfaction, and improved based on feedbacks. You can easily rent a car from one of the two offices in two most popular locations in Adana and start your sightseeing tour in the city right away! You can rent a car for a day, a week or a month depending on your needs. Our long-term car rental service in SIXT offers a solution for your rental car needs in your organization. You can rent a car /cars minimum for 12 and maximum for 47 months to meet your organization's professional transport needs. You can visit the related page on our website to make your reservation. You can request for quotation for car rental by following the simple steps on our website. Furthermore, if you book in advance, you can enjoy a discount on the price of your rental car.  On this page or on the page for the airport or city office in Adana, which you can find on locations page, you can enter your booking dates and list all available cars. You can call 0850 2222 000 on a 24/7 basis to use our service and get immediate solutions for your needs. Additionally, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to and to for corporate car rentals. 

How is Traffic in Adana?

City traffic in Adana is generally light and a HGS tag is required to drive on highways. The city's traffic is light most of the time and especially in summer months, the city welcomes local and foreign visitors. You can choose to have a GPS in your rental car to have updated traffic information. For example, the distance between Adana Airport and central bus station is 4.5 km and it normally takes 10 minutes to drive this distance. If you are planning to get to Seyhan Dam that is visible from almost all around the city through West Bridge, this will take approximately 30 minutes from Adana Airport. The traffic in the city is generally light and parking on roads is managed by private companies. So, a parking fee needs to be paid whenever parked in these areas. Otherwise, parking fee and fine is issued to the vehicle's license. In addition to baby car seats, seat adaptors, you can ask for a navigation device as an extra option. You can plan your route and have the most up-to-date traffic information with this navigation device. 

What to See in Adana

Set in south of Taurus Mountains, Adana is right on the banks of Seyhan River. Surrounded by beautiful nature, the city also has a rich cultural and historical heritage. The city is neighbour to Mersin, Niğde, Kayseri and Kahramanmaraş and has a typical Mediterranean climate. The weather in Adana is hot and dry in summer, and relatively cold and rainy in the winter. Kapıkaya Canyon which is 70 km to Adana is at an altitude of 200 m and one of the natural wonders of the region. You can reach to Kapıkaya Canyon after a little over one hour from Adana by car. Taş Köprü ("Stone Bridge") is on Seyhan River and right in the city and plays an important role by connecting Seyhan to Yüreğir. Historical Taş Köprü has the marks of many civilizations that lived in the city. Ulu Mosque that is dated centuries ago is one of the icons of Adana and is visited frequently every year. Adana Central Park located on two banks of Seyhan River is one of the biggest parks of Turkey. Seyhan Dam, which was built to protect Adana from flooding of Seyhan River, is an attraction centre both for local and foreign tourists. You can rent a car from SIXT rent a car offices for business or holiday travel in Adana and enjoy the most affordable prices as well as special discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many SIXT offices are there in Adana?

There are two SIXT offices in Adana: one at Adana Airport and one in the city centre.

What type of cars do you have in your fleet?

We have premium models of brands including BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi, sedans, executive models and more, all with petrol or diesel and manual or automatic transmission options.

How can I make a reservation?

You can make a rental car reservation on the official SIXT website or by calling our call center at 0850 2222 000.

For how long can I rent a car?

You can rent a car for a day or several days, for one or more weeks or a month, and we also have long-term corporate car rental service.

I have other questions.

Please click here to contact us.