Types of Cookies and Their Purpose of Use

SIXT utilizes the following types of cookies:

Cookie type


Essential cookies (mandatory cookies)

These are anonymous cookies that enable visitors to roam https://www.sixt.com.tr. Some of their features allow access to secure areas. The information collected through these cookies cannot be used for marketing purposes. Certain sections of https://www.sixt.com.tr cannot be used if these cookies are not permitted. For example, the identity confirmation cookies used when you log in to the website keep you logged in when you switch to other sections of the website.

Performance cookies

These are anonymous cookies that help SIXT improve its website. They collect information on how visitors use https://www.sixt.com.tr and most visited pages and are used to check availability of the website and bug reporting. An example of this type is WebAnalytics cookies.

Functional cookies

These are anonymous cookies that ensure SIXT remembers visitors’ specifications and preferences. According to the information gathered through these cookies, https://www.sixt.com.tr may show relevant content to its users and remember their preferences for language or font size. If a user rejects these cookies:

• Some sections of https://www.sixt.com.tr may become unavailable;

• The level of support provided by https://www.sixt.com.tr may be negatively impacted;

• Your preferences will not be remembered, so you may not be able to use or view certain features on https://www.sixt.com.tr.

Targeting cookies and advertising cookies

These types of cookies are placed by advertising networks at https://www.sixt.com.tr with SIXT’s knowledge. They are used to provide suitable advertisements targeted at user interests. These cookies are used for the following purposes:

• To provide relevant and personalized ads;

• To limit the number of ads displayed;

• To measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns;

• To remember your visiting preferences.


At SIXT, our main purposes for processing personal data through cookies are as follows:


  • To increase the website's efficiency and provide ease of use. For example, remembering a visitor’s username or search log for future visits or preventing a logged-in user from entering their password repeatedly when roaming the website.
  • To perform web analytics and enhance site performance. For example, monitoring the integration level of the website’s different servers, identifying the number of visitors, reporting website usage statistics, and tuning the website’s performance accordingly, or facilitating user search.
  • To conduct personalization, targeting, and advertising operations. For example, showing visitors ads relevant to their interests according to pages and products they view. Additionally, providing user-specific content to its users.
  • To measure the efficacy of ad campaigns and improve their efficiency. For example, checking if you've clicked on an ad you saw on the website and then used the services on the website you've been redirected to by that ad. In this regard, offering ads relevant to your interests and limiting the number of ads displayed.
  • To ensure legal compliance. Processing users’ personal data within applicable regulations, preparing all records and documents relevant to electronic processing, and following the regulations set out by relevant regulatory agencies and other authorities on information storage and disclosure.

Transfer of Cookies

SIXT shares your personal information collected via cookies with third parties, and if necessary, legal authorities. This transfer of data is limited to the specified purposes. When Google, Facebook, and AddThis cookies are used, these cookies are transferred overseas due to the nature of these companies but only for the purposes specified above.

  • SIXT Website Cookies: Used for services provided through our website and for features such as accessing secure areas.
  • Google Analytics Cookies: Used by Google Universal Analytics to calculate visitor, session, activity, and product sales figures for website analytics reports.
  • Google Tag Manager Cookies: Used by Google Tag Manager to check if Google Universal Analytics tags are loaded.
  • Google Ads Cookies: Used by Google ad service for Google advertisements.

Collection Manner and Legal Reason of Cookies

We automatically collect your personal data electronically through cookies. The cookies are processed for the following legal reasons: “it is mandatory for the data controller to fulfill their legal obligations,” and “it is mandatory for the legitimate interests of the data controller, provided that it does not harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject,” under Article 5 of the Law No. 6698. Performance, functionality, and advertising cookies are processed “under explicit consent of the data subject.”

Blocking Cookies and Legal Rights

If deemed necessary, SIXT may cease using cookies, change their types and functions, or add new cookies to its website. This Cookie Policy will be updated in case of such a change.

You can deliver your requests pertaining to your rights under Article 11 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (LPPD) in compliance with the Communiqué on the Principles and Procedures for the Request to Data Controller. You can access detailed information about your rights, how you can apply to us regarding your personal data, and how we process personal data under the “What are your rights pertaining to your personal data?” heading of LPPD Privacy Notice section at https://www.sixt.com.tr/kvkk-aydinlatma-metni.