Car Pick Up

Car Pick Up

Where can I find directions to my my pick-up branch?

You may look up the branch in the reservation approval email or this page to ask for directions.


What sort of an identity card or other documents do I need to pick up the car?

  • All drivers are required to hold a valid driver's license. If you hold a license in a non-Latin script (Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, etc.), it must be accompanied by an international driving license. Any driver's license from countries that are not part of the international driving permit agreement must also be accompanied by an official translation.
  • Renters from outside the Republic of Turkey should also provide a valid form of ID issued by the government such as passports.


Should I inspect the car for damages before leaving?

All SIXT cars are inspected by branch staff on return. Before leaving the branch, you can check the car for damages and if you notice anything that is not specified in your rental agreement, you can report it to the branch.