Erzurum Rent A Car

Erzurum Rent A Car

SIXT Erzurum Rent a Car

You can rent a car from our SIXT rent a car office in Erzurum, the biggest city in East Anatolia Region. Our SIXT rent a car office is in the arrival hall in Erzurum Airport. After you leave the baggage claim area, you can come to our SIXT Erzurum rent a car office on the left side of the terminal and pick up the car you have made a reservation for. After a short rental agreement signing procedure, you can have a rental car for the dates you've mentioned in your reservation and start your travels in Erzurum. Our cars are parked ready for pick up in the car park on the right side across the Arrival terminal of the airport. You can complete your rental procedures under the guidance of our competent staff and start your journey right away! You can ask information about traffic, places to see from our staff in SIXT Erzurum Airport rent a car office. The distance from the airport to the city center is 13 km. Which means you can reach to Erzurum city centre in less than twenty minutes after you turn the ignition on. Our fleet has a very wide range of cars so you can easily find and rent the car that meets your needs. 

Address : Erzurum International Airport Domestic Terminal Arriving Passenger
E-Mail :
Phone : 0850 222 2 000
Weekdays : 08:00 - 20:00 Weekend : 08:00 - 20:00

SIXT Rent a Car Guide


You can make a reservation to rent a car for your travels in Erzurum on our website just like you make reservations for other locations in Turkey. You can rent a car in Erzurum by entering information for your reservation on this page or go to locations/Erzurum page to view the fleet to decide first on the car you want to rent. Then you can enter reservation dates and select either "Pay on Site" or "Pay Now" option. You can have extra options such as baby seat, child seat and navigation device in your car to have a safer and more comfortable journey. You can also contact us by calling our 24/7 call center number 0850 2222 000 and make a rental car reservation. You can also contact us and make a rental car reservation in Erzurum by sending us an email to our address: You can choose to rent a car for one or more days, for a week or more or for a month in Erzurum or you can choose to rent a car for longer periods as a solution to your corporate needs. To do this, you can send us an email at and rent a fleet or just a few vehicles for longer periods.

How is Traffic in Erzurum? 

The traffic in Erzurum is quite light, and the heavy traffic seen in big and cosmopolitan cities is highly unlikely in Erzurum. So, you can reach to your destination without having to spend too much time in traffic. For example, you only need to drive for less than twenty minutes to reach to the city centre from Erzurum Airport. It takes around 17 minutes from the airport to Atatürk University located in the city centre. Erzurum is neighbour to Erzincan, Bayburt, Bingöl, Ağrı and there are villages of interest including Aşkale, Ardıçyayla, Karasu with a distance ranging from 50 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes. The distance between the airport and famous Palandöken Ski Resort is 38.5 km and you can drive this distance in around 30 minutes. The inner-city traffic in Erzurum is light and you can try our navigation device to make your journey special. With the navigation device included in the extra options for our cars, you can choose the best route, plan your intercity travels and avoid potential traffic jams. You can have a comfortable journey with the updated GPS device and you can also ask for further information from our experienced airport office staff. 

What to See in Erzurum

Erzurum, the biggest city in East Anatolia Region, is also known as "Land of Saints" and "Land of Brave Men". Erzurum is on a crossroad due to its geographical location and has witnessed many important historical events. The city has been home to many civilizations and therefore, there are many places to be discovered when visiting Erzurum. As places of interest are close to each other, it is possible to discover many places in Erzurum even during a short holiday. Your first stop on your travel can be the Congress Building where you can feel the spirit of the Turkish War of Independence.You can reach to the Congress Building which is 14 km to the airport in 20 minutes after you pick up the car. One of the symbols of the city with her courage and heroic behaviour in War of 93, Nene Hatun's monument is in Nene Hatun National Park. Tortum Waterfall is one of the most important waterfalls in Turkey and it is approximately 1 hour drive from the airport. The house in which Mustafa Kemal Atatürk stayed when he came to Erzurum for the congress during the War of Independence is now Atatürk House Museum. And Palandöken Ski Resort which first comes to mind when we talk about winter tourism with its steep and long runs and good snow quality is among the must-see places in Erzurum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is SIXT Erzurum office?

Our office is located at the airport.

Our office is in the arrival hall in Erzurum Airport.

Which car rental option should I choose?

If you are planning for a short holiday, travel on your own or with your loved ones, you can choose to rent a car for one or more days, for a week or for a month.

You can choose to rent a car for longer periods if you are looking for a solution for corporate transportation.

How are rent a car prices?

Rent a car prices depend on the vehicle class, reservation duration and extra options.

Discount prices or other advantages are offered for early reservations.

What type of cars do you have in your fleet?

We have dozens of different classes of cars including premium models of brands including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, sedans for families, executive cars.

Do you have any other question about SIXT?

Please click here to contact us.